The Royal Flush of Hearts (and souls)


The Royal Flush of Hearts and Souls - 11x17 prints - Full Set


Amateur poker player ‘Chris Moneymaker’ won the Word Series of Poker in 2003, shining an instant spotlight on the game itself. It is said that he revolutionized the sport because he was the very first player ever to win the World Championship after qualifying at an online poker site. Suddenly the world felt that anyone could win because he was just an ordinary “every-man”. Since then poker has grown more and more in popularity every year and is now internationally covered on ESPN as a true world-wide sport.

A couple thousand years earlier there was another man who was said to revolutionize the world. To some… An ordinary “every-man” who was born to make a difference in the way people saw the world and themselves. Jesus was born to make an impact and to show us that we could make a difference in our own lives and in the world around us.

Poker and the Bible, over the years these 2 subjects have not gone out of their way to shake hands together very often… until now.